"Minimum quod potest haberi de cognitione rerum altissimarum, desiderabilius est quam certissima cognitio, quae habetur de minimis rebus."

"Das Geringste an Erkenntnis, das einer über die erhabensten Dinge zu gewinnen vermag, ist ersehnenswerter als das gewisseste Wissen von den niederen Dingen"

(Thomas von Aquin: I, 1, 5 ad 1)

25. Januar 2013

Was hat Herrn Freud gefehlt?

So frag der A. Pereira in der Zeitschrift "Itinerarium" vom Dezember 2012, im Anschluß an folgendes Zitat von C.S. Lewis.

"One thing, however, marriage has done for me. I can never again believe that religion is manufactured out of our unconscious, starved desires and is a substitute for sex. For those few years H. and I feasted love; every mode of it - solemn and merry, romantic and realistic, sometimes as dramatic as a thunderstorm, sometimes as comfortable and unemphatic as putting on your soft slippers. No cranny of heart or body remained unsatified. If God were a substitute for love we ought to have lost all interest of Him. Who`d bother about substitutes when he has the thing itself? But that isn´t what happens. We both knew we wanted something besides one another - quite a different kind of want. You might as well say that when lovers have another they never want to read, or eat - or breathe." 

(A Grief observed, 1961, S. 10)

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