"Minimum quod potest haberi de cognitione rerum altissimarum, desiderabilius est quam certissima cognitio, quae habetur de minimis rebus."

"Das Geringste an Erkenntnis, das einer über die erhabensten Dinge zu gewinnen vermag, ist ersehnenswerter als das gewisseste Wissen von den niederen Dingen"

(Thomas von Aquin: I, 1, 5 ad 1)

12. September 2010

Have immigrants saved the Catholic Church?

"There used to be less than 10 black people in the congregation, we used to sit together at the left side of the church," says Patrick Chatukuta. "Now, in the last three years, it's all us."
This 48-year-old Zimbabwean, now living in Plumstead, has been attending St Peter The Apostle church in Woolwich, south-east London, since 2003. He says an influx of immigrants, many from Africa, has changed the demographic of his church's congregation.
Its priest, Father Michael Scanlon, says the local immigrant population has swollen his flock each Sunday to 1,000 - including 200 teenagers. They come from 45 nations .

So herum geht´s also auch!

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